Fha house-hack in Miami a good idea?

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House hacking, in my opinion, is always a good idea! Go for it! You don't have to have 100% of your expenses covered for it to be a good deal. Our current house hack is taking care of 2/3 of our mortgage. We live in Chicago, also an expensive city like Miami. 2/3 of our mortgage being paid helps us a lot. Saving $900 from what we were paying in rent. Plus we bought a flip so all of the work has been done. 

@Juan Rubio It's not a bad idea the only issue returns in the miami area are low about the 6-7% of u get a good deal so you wont make much to make it worth while. So basicly the main upside is to go to an area that you think will have future apprication like the bad parts of cocanut grove , or arou d the marlins stedium ect.