New investor trying to find deals in Michigan

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Hey everyone. I am 22 years old looking to buy my first property. Just trying to get some advice on finding deals. Just want to get my first one started. Looking to BRRRR or buy and hold. I am in Michigan(Metro Detroit) area. I know to find deals there's Zillow. Realty trac,,, MLS, drive for dollars. Etc. don't have the money to mail, but if you guys were in my shoes then what would you be looking for right off the bat? Thanks everyone!

Cole Burgess

Hey Cole, Welcome to Biggerpockets! I'm also getting started as well. I had a deal that fell out of contract. If I were you, start going to your local REIA and start networking. Who knows who you'll be in touch with by attending. Were you looking to invest in the Detroit area specifically? I'm interested in that market. Any input would greatly be appreciate it.

Best of luck Cole!