Thinking outside the box for funding

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This may sound crazy to you all and the topic at hand does not really fit the niche on this site. I'll just get straight to the point. I'm looking for an entity that is interested in funding me. For what? Great question. I don't have much interest in seeking large sums for a house flip. I am seeking a smaller amount that I can flip in the stock market. That's crazy you may think. Well yeah someone might say that. In my opinion, I would much more be interested in receiving a small amount to flip, make profit from and return the amount in whole within terms of a legal contract between both parties. It's easier for me to get my toes off the ground and then remove myself from the liability as soon as possible. That is much more of an interesting venture over holding a large loan balance over a longer period of time. Less risk for me and less risk for you, while still receiving the satisfaction of changing someone's life. I am an experienced trade who watches pre-market to the end of the day at least 4 out of 5 times a week. If anyone has interest in the stock market and feel inclined or consider something like this. Let's talk. After all, trading up in the market is nearly the same as flipping a house. I just want to use the market to reach my real estate goals. It can happen quick. The ingredients are just a little different.

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You’re right, it sounds crazy, LOL

 What would I do? right now - I would purchase a 595 lot of 445 Call Options on $SPY 18 Oct Expiry for a total of $49,980 or $0.84 per contract Immediately at the bell.  At the strike price of 445, it is immediately worth $75,000 dollars including the premium I would pay. et al strikes ITM; 446 - $106K, 447 - $129,000, 448 - $171,000, 449 - $217,000, $450,000 -$267,000. I would pawn it off as soon as possible. I would then take that profit when available convert it into $USDT and play a 100x futures bet short or long ( most likely long) to return 4.8% profit per twenty-five dollars of movement. Funding of 50k is already paid for + interest. Then I would acquire shares in $BTU, $ORGN, $CLOV , Gold and Uranium as well as make straddles on $UPRO. This would be the the start of financial freedom for me, all in a couple hours.

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