Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agents

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Hi all! I'm planning to start investing in LR and surrounding areas in early 2018. I have some family up there, love the area, and my market is just absurd. 

Does anyone know of any investor-friendly agents up there? Thanks in advance and looking forward to getting to know everyone in this forum :)

Hi Kim,  

Welcome to investing in Central Arkansas.  My wife and I both got our real estate licenses to help with our investing business.  I'm keeping my day job as a business lawyer so don't represent other buyers or sellers, but my wife represents buyers and sellers and was recently named the 2017 Rookie of the Year for her firm.  We keep her busy about half of the time with our own flips, but she works with a few investors so is investor friendly under the right circumstances.  If you're looking for 2% deals in C areas and below, she wouldn't be a good fit.  If you're looking for 1% deals in B areas and up, you might want to visit with her.  We watch for those type properties, can only keep two or three of our own projects going at a time, and pass them along to friends while we're "temporarily tapped out" with our own projects.   If you'd like to visit with her, private message me, and I'll share her contact information.   Best of luck!

P.S.: We'll actually be passing through Orlando in a couple of weeks on our way to a Robyn Thompson boot camp in Ocala, FL on flipping houses.

Hi Kim, I am a licensed realtor with Keller Williams here in Little Rock. I too invest so i have experience. I would love to help you with your needs. Message me if i can help