Which SF Mayor candidate is more landlord-friendly?

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Probably London Breed is the least evil towards landlords. Kommie Kim and Fake-Äss Leno are real landlord haters, absolutely a no vote. Alioto doesn’t have a serious chance imo.  As usual for SF, slim pickins!

Hands down it's Ellen Lee Zhou.  She's probably at the center to center-right on many issues.  She cannot say it publicly but she has been winking to the landlords with slogan like "Stop unfair housing policies."  She is running as an independent.

She doesn't have a snowball chance in hell of winning, but if you want to know which candidate is the friendliest, it's Zhou by miles.


@Anthony: No it's not a trick question. I was seriously asking the question.

I like Ellen Lee Zhou as well. However, I don't think she has a chance to win the election (IMHO). So as much as our big family want to support her, we don't want to waste our precious votes on her if she doesn't have a chance.

@Amit: Why do you think Alioto doesn't have a chance? When I drove by 19th Ave (between Noriega and Taraval), I saw several houses put up the sign supporting Alioto? I suppose that the Alioto's restaurant at Fishermans Wharf is owned by the same family? Thoughts?