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New BP YouTube Show Looking for Denver Guests to Walk Properties

Chris Lopez
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Denver, CO
Posted Dec 25 2019, 18:29

@Terrance Doyle and I are excited to launch a new BP show on YouTube called "The Real Estate Ride Along Show." It's a simple concept where we invite a guest and the audience to "ride along" with us to walk properties and ask questions to learn.

We're looking for BP members to come join us!

Here's the show outline:

Property Type: Usually a small multifamily (4 - 20 units) with a value-add play to increase rents and the value. We walk properties that are just purchased, currently being rehabbed, or finished and are turnkey. It really depends on what projects are going on.

Property Overview:

  • Location and why we like it
  • Deal source
  • Financing to take it down and rehab
  • The gameplan for rehab, timeline, and exit strategy.

Interior Walk: We'll walk one or a few units to discuss rehab plans and our 10 point checklist.

Exterior Wak: We'll walk the exterior to discuss rehab plans using our checklist.

Finances: We'll discuss the finances from two different perspectives:

  1. Buying it, carrying costs, renovation costs, new rents, and the projected new value.
  2. The final numbers as a turnkey product to sell to an investor.

The new show with BP will launch in January or February of 2020. We recorded a few pilot episodes before partnering with BP on the new show. Here are two trailers from the pilot shows:

Trailer #4 on YouTube

Trailer #3 on YouTube

Would You Like to Ride Along with us?

Our plan is to record two episodes a month. Since we're working with BP, we want to invite BP members to join us for a show recording. In addition to walking the properties and learning, you'll get to hang out to network and have some fun!

We are looking for people who are excited to learn about rental investing and rehabbing properties. If you want to join us, please watch the trailers and reply to this thread with answers to these questions:

  • Investing Experience
  • What you want to learn
  • Roadblocks (if any) that you're currently running into
  • A few sentences about you

Please feel free to add any additional info and let us know what questions you have.

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