Moving to Colorado Springs

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My family and I just learned we are moving to Colorado Springs starting next July.

Looking to buy something for our time there that will serve as an attractive rental following an eventual departure down the line.  But also interested in local elementary schools while we are there too.

We will be there long enough for FHA to be a possibility, but higher down payment is possible, especially to help with rental cash flow later.

Eager to meet some agents, get some property management co recommendations, and even any local lenders.  

This will be my first time living back in the U.S. for any significant period of time and am excited also to comment w BPers out there.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Hi @David Epstein

You will really enjoy Colorado Springs!  It is a great place to invest, but everyone had caught wind of this fact so it is getting harder to find deals that work.  They are definitely still out there though!

Feel free to PM if you ever want to chat buy and holds.

Much success to you!


Hey David!

That’s great news! Colorado Springs is such a cool place. My wife and I moved here in March and we love it. 

I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the real estate market so far and I’d be more than happy to help you out with your home search. 

Feel free to shoot me a message and we can talk more. 

Best regards,

Reed Huddleston

Feel free to PM me for any information you need.  I've been a local agent for 8 years (top 10% in PPAR 2017) and also a local investor.  I'd be happy to recommend a couple of great lenders as well as property management.

Hello David!

I would love to be able to help you and your family find the perfect potential investment property. I am a license RE agent with Keller Williams Partners local to the COS area. I work primarily with investors I to am also a investor, and also do Property Management. I work with all types of lenders so we can secure the best financing for you and your investment. I would love the opportunity to speak with you. Please feel free to PM so we can speak farther.

Thank you, 

Brad May 

Wow!  I always love the support and feedback from the BP community!

Thank you!  I am currently helping my wife with our newborn third son, so will reach out in the coming days/weeks as time permits.

Looking forward to connecting and learning from you all and working with you as well!



@David Epstein

Congrats on the move! Couldn't be to a more beautiful place. It seems so obvious, but sitting down and laying out  your goals for this first purchase in Colorado Springs can help focus your search. Are you hoping to stay near Fort Carson? (I'm just assuming that's what's bringing you back.) If school districts take priority, then 12 and 20 are good. 

Even what type of rentals you might do when you depart can factor in. If you're open to doing Airbnb-style, short-term rentals, being near downtown on the east side or between Old Colorado City and Ute Vally Park on the west side are great locations, and the returns can be pretty great. 

Anyway, I always leave with the standard first step: Have you talked to a lender yet? 


Excited for you guys to experience Colorado Springs, @David Epstein ! It will be nice for you to be stateside for awhile. My partner and I recently located here and absolutely love it.

Would definitely love to connect and maybe share some lessons learned before you arrive in the area, I am doing my best to shorten the learning curve on this amazing market.  I am a licensed agent in Virginia (not CO) and run a redevelopment business which we plan on growing in the Fountain - Colorado Springs area.  Connecting with agents is a very smart prep for the move! I am more than happy to help with any analysis or due-diligence.  

Do you plan on buying before you are home??

Best of luck,