New Investor looking for advice about hard money and fix n' Flip.

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I was just curious if I could get some advise on the BRRR method. I am 19, and brand new to real estate investing. I live in Fort Collins and am curious about the Northern Colorado market like, Greeley, Fort Collins, and Denver Areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Hey Ethan, I'd say the BRRRR is the way to go for just about anyone your age (dragging a young family through construction zones could be pretty tough). Prices have been rising pretty quickly over the last 8 years or so, but this year it seems homes are staying on the market a bit longer than they did previously. I'd plan to BRRRR or VA/community type loans for a primary residence if I was sticking with Colorado for real estate investing. People with 4-600k cash or a solid group of investors (ie the flipper has experience) can maybe be in the flip game, but I imagine it's pretty tough. Oh and trying to cash flow SFRs is next to impossible. Hopefully this post isnt too negative, Good luck man.

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@Matt M. would I be able to use someone else as a partner? I have really good credit, but only about a year of work experience.

If you are going in to partner on a BRRR, then I'd look to family. If that isn't an option, just start saving for a down payment for your own place to house hack. I'm betting boulder will be out of your price range. Longmont has come a long way.

Hi @Ethan Gallo ,

You're at the perfect age to start thinking about the "BRRRR Strategy"!! Another strategy that might be considered is "House Hacking" @Chris Lopez teaches fun and informative classes on both strategies. Chris also knows what’s going on in the field and will help you find properties reflecting both strategies.

@Ethan Gallo I second the others's advice on house hacking. You can get amazing returns with low risk, low money down, and low stress (you don't have to search dozens of properties or do any work.)

If you're up north, connect with @James Orr and his NCRIEG classes. Every week he does a meetup that is jam packed with info. Make sure you check out his Nomad investing plan. Follow it and you can have ten rentals by the time your 30.