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Hey BP,

I have recently moved to St. Augustine to attend college and have been searching for a REIA but have been unsuccessful so far. I understand that there is one on, but it does not look active. Anyone know of one here in town or anywhere in St. Johns county? Or is the closest one in Jacksonville?

@Luke McCann

Reach out to Danielle Fattizzi, here on the forums. She is located in and familiar with St. Augustine.

How have things been going in the REI world for you? Have you been able to get out in the field yet?

@Tony Figurelli Thanks for the tip. Lately I have been working to save money up and studying my market. I have not invested anything yet but I am preparing to be ready to strike when a great deal comes my way.

What about you? How is the Jacksonville Beach market faring for your business?

@Luke McCann ,

The last few months have had me busy rehabbing a flip in the 32217 near Baymeadows and Old Kings. The market in that area has shown some appreciation and recent sales. My eyes and ears are open for another deal in this area.

There is a REIF group down there that's active though they meet in Jax regularly as well.
I think it's called Jax Ca$hflow 101 or something like that. one of their events. Most are held down in Saint Augustine however

@Tony Figurelli I happened to stumble across this from my keyword alerts. Thanks for thinking of me!

@Luke McCann I am living down here and have attended several JAX - REIM events in downtown Jax. I have been invited to the JAX - REIF's monthly Thursday morning "Network Over Breakfast in Saint Augustine" event and am hoping to make it to this one coming up. @Zana Blue called it. The next one is at 8:30am on Thursday, September 1st. If I can peel myself out of bed I will be in attendance (my main gig has been bartending/serving for the last decade so I've got your quintessential "graveyard" lifestyle -- makes it nearly impossible to do things like BREAKFAST -- hence my burning desire for financial freedom). I hope this helps!

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@Luke McCann

I started a meetup in St Augustine for short term vacation rental hosts and we had a dozen attend the first meeting a few weeks ago. It's not what you're looking for but the idea is to start one. We did that here in Suffolk County and the first one was mostly a networking event but isn't that what you want initially? We invited a guest speaker to the St Aug meetup's next meeting and set meeting dates and locations for the upcoming months. It just takes a person to start it. 

Luke, are you at Flagler? Congratulations for reaching out and starting your 'other' education here.

Hi  Im an investor in Jacksonville FL. I am going to be relocating to St Augustine in the next two yrs. I will be selling off properties in Jacksonville and looking for properties in St Augustine.

@Zana Blue

We are meeting this week - on thur, 2 days from this post (message me if it's kicked back) at DOS coffee and wine place. We have a CPA as our guest speaker who is well-versed in hosting accounting. (Please note that I am not recommending anyone or advising.)

Usually it's the first monday of the month. Message me if you're thinking about joining us.