St. Augustine REIA

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To all of you following this thread. I have just started setting up a local REI group in St. Augustine. You can find it on Facebook at St. John's County REI.

Hi Scott, I am working on setting up a meeting. Unfortunately, the last month and a half has been filled with 2 funerals and an Uncle going through a double lung transplant in Gainesville. I am just getting back my bearings. I will post in the Facebook group here soon about a meeting. 

@Jeremy Holcomb

Hey I’m a Real Estate investor in the Jacksonville & St. Augustine Markets.

I typically Wholesale about 70-75% of the Deal I come across.

I would love to join the Facebook Group

I’m always looking to Network and Connect with Local Investor Friendly Real Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Wholesalers Ect.

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