I lived through the last credit risk of 2008-2012, lost a few nights of sleep, but I think its BEST to be prepared. A guy who knows a few things about Credit and Debt has written a new FREE book, Ray Dalio, A Template for Understanding Big Debt Crises. You can go to his site and download the book for free. If you are JUST starting out, add this to your reading library. You can signup at his site, principles dot com. 

Its important to understand how credit and debt affect all assets, but its more important to realize the signs to be able to be ready for the storms that blow through. Like any storm, they are temporary and the sun does return. But like many successful investors will tell you, you get wealthy not from your winners, but my minimizing your losses. 

If I had been able to see the storm coming in debt and been prepared in 2007, I could have weathered 2008-2012 much better. Here's to you weathering the next storm! 

All the best to you!