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Hello, I am new to the Orlndo Rental Property Investment scene. Look forward to learing from the experiences of the PROs . I may self manage the first few properties, but plan on having a large portfolio and will ultimately need a reputable property management company. Any recommendations for reputable wholesalers, turn-key properties, agents, contractors, and property managers in the Orlando, Jacksonville, Port Richey, Tampa area would be appreciated! Thanks, Dan

@Dan Bhide

Just sent you a message request with a list of different people in the Orlando area. Hope that helps and feel free to reach out with any more questions!

Hey @Dan Bhide welcome to BP and congrats on taking the next step towards investing in the Orlando RE market! Orlando has a great network of investors and even hold monthly BP meet ups! The next meeting is in November at the Hiawassee branch library. I'm a wholesaler in Orlando and you can contact me any time and we can chat!

Thanks for the quick responses guys. Look forward to connecting & interacting with you.

Hi Dan

Welcome to the group. I am a licensed Realtor and a wholesaler too. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


Welcome @Dan Bhide I hope you are loving BP and let us know if you are going to any of the meetings I would love to meet you and that goes for all other BP members

I am closer to the Lakeland, Auburndale, Winter haven in Central Florida (between Tampa & Orlando)

Hi Dan welcome to BP. I have set up several local BP meetings and will continue to do so. The premise of these meetings is to meet local BP members and do some training each month. Our next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 28, the week after Thanksgiving. Here is the link for more details and to sign up if you plan to attend. Click here

As for my self I am an investor and wholesaler in Orlando. If you want I can send you more details of what offmarket properties have. Let me know. 

Hey, Welcome to BP.

My brokerage offers property management, and we wholesale property in Central Florida. Let me know if you need our services in the future when you get yourself going. 

@Dan Bhide Hi and welcome to BP and to the world of REI! If you are looking for an excellent turnkey company in Jacksonville, one I started investing with back in 2012, then PM me for the contact info.

Hello Dan, 

Welcome to BP you certainly came to the right place , be sure to take full advantage of what this site has to offer .

I hope only the best for you ..

God Speed,

Michael Short 

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