Seeking a property manager ITP that doesn't mind Section 8

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Hi Yall,

I own a few rental properties around Atlanta, and I've been having a lot of trouble finding a good property manager for one house because it happens to be Section 8 voucher housing. I'm wondering if anyone here knows a manager who won't discriminate based on that fact alone.

This particular unit is a SFH in West End. I've had a stable tenant there for a while, have never had an issue with payment or anything else. Actually probably my best tenant of all my properties. My current manager does an OK job, but really where they fall short is in the record keeping and communication. A new manager would be coming into a very low-touch situation, and also stand to gain a lot of business as I expand my holdings.

Please let me know if anyone has any recommendations.


Hey Sam, I would say give me a call, but we only manage multifamily properties. I do have a number of excellent colleagues that manage SFHs I could recommend. Top of the list is  Todd Ortscheid with GTL Property Management. He is one of the most knowledgable managers I know, keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of management.

Good luck!


Hi John, thanks for responding. Do you know if any of these managers handle Section 8 properties? In my experience cold calling a lot of these companies, most of them do not. I don't want to waste anybody's time. If you know anybody who for sure does, please let me know.

On another note, do you happen to have any MFPs in Atlanta that are for sale?

@Sam Mitchell I am a contractor in Atlanta and work with Citiside Properties, a property management company that manages a lot of section 8 homes. I am a bit biased, but they do a really great job of taking care of your investment and getting you a good return. I would recommend reaching out to them and I am sure they would be able to assist you.

@Adam Abdel-Hafez thanks for the recommendation. What sort of work do you do for them? It's rare to get to talk to the contractors PMs use, so would be great to know how they treat you, pay you, etc. if you're comfortable answering those questions.

@Sam Mitchell no problem, but just to clarify and be completely transparent, my company is lenox Renovations and we handle all maintenance and rehabs for Citiside Properties. My company is basically the in house maintenance company for them, so I markup some repairs and some I do not and get a fee monthly from Citiside to manage all work orders and correspond with owners about repairs as well. With an in house maintenance company you are able to know that your repairs are being done correctly and getting charged a fair amount as most normal property managers have no idea about repairs other than what their handyman tells them.

@Adam Abdel-Hafez Fair enough. I work for a GC now and now the biz pretty well, so I get how it is. Do you want me to tell Citiside you referred me when I reach out to them? Maybe we will be working together in the future.

Hey Sam! I work with a couple great property managers on my properties in ATL....happy to share info on them if you want to reach out. One in particular would probably be good for that area. And I have some properties under Section 8 that he manages and he's not worried about that at all. No troubles with it.

@John Rutledge , great thanks for letting me know. I will definitely reach out and tell Todd you sent me.

@Ali Boone , that would be great if you're happy to share names. I'd also love to know more about your story investing in Atlanta from California (I'm in the Bay Area, but an Atlanta native).

@Rush Wall , I sent you a request to connect so we can discuss further.

You're all so helpful!