How is the Fayetteville Ga market ?

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I’m just curious on the Fayetteville ga market I never hear anyone talk about it & I was wondering how the buy & hold investing was in that area

There is an real estate group on that meets once a month at the Ihop in Fayetteville that has a large attendance. I do not think I am allowed to post the link to it, but the Facebook group is Southside EEE - Real Estate Investing. 

Look for Mike Williams here on BP he is one of the Facebook admins, for some reason I cannot tag him here.

@Robert Collins ,

     I just moved from Fayetteville, sold my personal home there, and I currently have another home there I’m looking to fix up and rent out. I bought that property in 2012, the value has almost doubled since then. I think property values are high all throughout Fayetteville, because there’s been a ton of development in recent years. Closer to downtown and down I-54 West, there’s still a good bit of development and i could see property values still on the rise there. I believe most of the prices in other areas of Fayetteville are high already. May not be easy to get a good deal unless it’s a serious fixer-upper. There is a shortage of homes in the 150-200k range, per my Real Estate Agent. A few below that and plenty above that range. Rent values are pretty high in Fayetteville, due to the somewhat good school zones. I’m currently also looking in Fayetteville but don’t have the capital yet. Feel free to shoot me a message and we can discuss more if you have more targeted questionable. Glad to help however I can. I sold my primary home there because I was worried about property values decreasing but it was probably unwarranted paranoia. 

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@Robert Collins

Let look at the data

Rents have increases steadily 

Population is trending upwards as well 

And household income has shot up in recent years, while also being above the median for the state

All and all it seems like Fayetteville Ga is growing and worth taking a deeper look into

The data above comes from the US American Community Survey 

Hope this helps! 

@Kenneth Blacow Thanks for the mention. I usually post the EEE meetings on here, but haven’t posted the Sept. date yet. I’ll get it added as an event soon, but just so ppl reading this thread know ... next meetup is Sept. 12th (Thursday) at the IHOP in Fayetteville at 6:45p.