Chicago networking/ meet up events

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Question for all my Chicagoans. Are there existing networking events that you're plugged into and enjoy? Looking for recommendations on the best groups to join for networking and getting involved in the local community. I see there's quite a few groups in existence already, but is there one that stands out to you? If not, any thoughts of starting up a new one? Let me know what you think.

@Stephen Garmon there are a ton of good meetup groups, and I would mostly focus on going to one close to where you live. I help run one in Forest Park here in the western suburbs, and I also attend a local land lording group in Berwyn. I have received an incredible amount of value through these groups. I have also attended many great meetups in other parts of Chicago and even Indiana, but I found that being local made these groups much more impactful for me. 

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Yes. There a couple quality meet-ups. PM me if you'd like me to send to you some links to a couple FB groups. I don't believe we're allowed to post on the forums. 

I’m about to retire and am going to start investing a bit more. I would like to attend meet ups to expand my investing knowledge and network with other investors. Please send me any links where I can look into meet up groups. Thanks in advance and hope to meet you all soon.

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