Wholesaling in Illinois

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I would like to network with fellow wholesalers in Illinois. Please reach out to me.

Hey Orlando! I’m in the northern burbs (Lake County).

I am in Southern Will County. I live near new Lenox Illinois.

Hi, I as well am interested like the original poster in wholeselling deals. I live in northwest suburbs of chicago. 

I live in Chicago and I'd like to work with everyone here!! lol I have a ton of buyers just looking to strike out on my first attempt! 😊

Everyone-let's connect. Wholesaler here, expanding business into central Illinois. Message me. 

I’m from Peoria, IL and would love to work with wholesalers on properties in the Peoria area.

Hi Guys,

I'm definitely interested in meeting other wholesalers in the area! I live in Evanston and I'm finally starting to work all over greater Chicago. What strategies are you guys using to find motivated sellers?

I have 2 appointments to scheduled to meet with sellers this week. Wish me luck!

Hope to talk/meet up with some of you soon.


Hey Orlando! I am in Matteson, IL. Reach out for networking anytime.  

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