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Joliet Area REIA
Hello, Folks,I'm looking for others interested in starting up a Joliet-area REIA.Most of the known groups meet up in the western suburbs - Lombard, Elmhurst, Villa Park, even as far out as Crystal Lake. That's a mighty... View more
Newbie to Real Estate!
Hello everyone! I am a newbie to real estate and am looking to gain knowledge on the industry. I'm located around Joliet, IL. Interested in flipping initially, eventually renting out properties. looking to learn how to... View more
Joliet Area REI Groups
Hello all, I wonder if there is a group local to the extreme SW suburbs that has a recurring meetup? I'm located in Morris and Joliet is an easily attainable destination for me. I am newly coming into REI,... View more
Water service upgrade - SW suburbs
Hey all,Im rehabbing a home in Countryside, IL and looking for recommendations on a company that does water service pipe upgrades. I need to replace existing 3/4" line with 1"+ from the "B box" in my front lawn to... View more
Opinions on Chicago Heights / Sauk Village, 60411?
Hi, I'm an out-of-state investor looking at properties in the 60411 zip code.  I see the price-to-rent ratios in the area look favorable, and the crime report on makes it look C-class but not... View more
Help Stop New Rental Regulations in Joliet
This is not a drill. We need local property investors to come to the Joliet Land Use Committee to fight a plan to conduct rental inspections of ALL SINGLE FAMILY RENTALS. This would be very costly for Joliet property... View more
Looking to attend a REIA meeting in the area.
Hello BP Nation!Being new to the whole REI, I was wondering if there were any fellow members in the area who could possibly help me find a great REIA location(s) where i could attend in the near future. I will greatly... View more
Chase realty foreclosures
Hello all I am looking to start my real estate investing side business and saw this realty company Chase realty foreclosures out of Naperville.Has anyone dealt with them or heard of there reputation.Thanks Mike
Local Joliet Landlords Group
Hi Fellow Joliet Area Bigger Pocketers- I’m curious if anyone has had experience good or bad with the local Landlord Association? I’m involved with them and my experience is positive. Based on reading the Joliet area... View more
Looking for Contractors in Morris Illinois
Hello, I own two 9 unit apartment buildings in Morris, IL.  I have several projects planned at the buildings and wanted to reach out to the Bigger Pockets community for help finding quality contractors in the area for... View more
New Stadium and Road Expansion Projects?
I am new to Joliet (and Illinois) and just bought my first duplex in the Cathedral area in December. We were talking to a neighbor of ours and she told us that the city is putting in a new stadium (sounds like it will... View more
Price appreciation over last 3 years?
Hi All, I know this will be highly unscientific, but I'm just looking to get a ballpark figure here. I own a 3/2 standalone SFH in University Park, and the tenant is interested in buying. Can anyone give me an idea of... View more
Are REIA meetings worth it?
I'm just wondering, I'm new to investing, and I was just wondering if their is a strategy to network at these meetings. I feel like the majority of people their ignore new investors. 
Looking for a good CPA in the Joliet, Plainfield area in Joliet
I have 4 rentals and hoping to continue to expand. I have an LLC established but need some advice on getting my finances together for tax purposes. Anyone have advice on a good CPA and possibly a book keeper to help... View more
Probate leads and how to obtain them.
I am looking to learn about probate in the state of Illinois. Is their anyone here on bigger pockets that lives here in the state that I can talk with and possibly pick up some pointers from?
Investor looking for agent
Hi,I wanted to connect with an agent in the plainfield area.  I am from out of town and will be in plainfield Aug6-9.  I would like to look at some cashflow properties, and potentially buy some rentals in plainfield,... View more
Chicagoland Contractors
Any recommendations for contractors? I'm looking to buy my first investment property but I will need a good list of contractors than can help guide me through the rehab. 
how to do a lease option with a renter already in the property
Looking for some info. How would this be put together? A owner spoke with me about doing a lease option for her home that is currently being rented out. I do not have all the info. This is just in general and just... View more
Ca Someone Suggest An Exterminator?
Just discovered my deck has termites.Can someone suggest an exterminator in the Joliet, IL / Southwest Suburban area?David J Dachtera"Success is not a destination. Failure is not an event. Success is a process, failure... View more
Lockport Property With Double Lot
Hi,I usually work in the city of Chicago. Wondering if anyone has experience with Lockport area as an investor or know someone who might. Have a potential seller wanting to sell a 2 bed 1 bath single family home with a... View more
Drywaller needed
I'm in need of a quality drywall person in the Joliet/Plainfield area. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!