Anyone need a good handyman? My guy is moving to Indy!

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@Brandon Turner I'll throw another request out there for his info. Thanks. 

We would love to have him on our team

Hey @Brandon Turner , would love to get his info.  Always looking for some good help.

@Brandon Turner please send me his contact info. I'm an out of state buy and hold investor building my Indianapolis portfolio and just closed my second property this year. These 2 were purchased under market value off the MLS and clean with no work required due to my hesitation of not being able to manage a rehab project, even if it's just cosmetic. With a solid referral from you, i can open my range to properties requiring minimal repairs. PM me his contact info. Looking forward to seeing you in Kailua, Hawaii next month!

@Brandon Turner Please add me to your list to send contact info. Could use him on southside of Indy. Thanks.

I'm Interested, Please PM his details.  

I would be in taking within as soon as possible. Please send contact info. Thanks!

Originally posted by @Brandon Turner :

Hey Guys and Gals- my main handyman employee (Joe) just put in his two-week notice because he's moving - to Indianapolis ( or Bloomington ).

I know good help is hard to find, and I also wanna help out my guy so I'm looking to connect him with some investors in Indianapolis so he can hit the ground running. Full time, part-time, or just contract basis. 

If interesting - comment below and I'll PM you his info! 

 Please PM info if he isn't swamped already!

@Brandon Turner Please PM his contact info. I run a large wholesale, construction and am involved in a good size PM company that can always use good handymen. Thanks!

Definitely interested! Please provide his contact info.


I'd love to talk with him.  Will send PM.

Hi Brandon! I would love your handyman's information. Did he end up going to Indy?

I am interested in his number. Thanks.

Hey @Brandon Turner , I'd love the referral as I'm starting my investment journey in Indianapolis and trying to build a solid team before jumping on a deal.

I am interested in getting his information.

@Brandon Turner the handyman moving to Indy message just hit my alerts due to new interest.  If this guy is not already totally swamped I can connect him with quite a bit of great business in our PM company.

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