Anyone need a good handyman? My guy is moving to Indy!

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Hey Guys and Gals- my main handyman employee (Joe) just put in his two-week notice because he's moving - to Indianapolis ( or Bloomington ).

I know good help is hard to find, and I also wanna help out my guy so I'm looking to connect him with some investors in Indianapolis so he can hit the ground running. Full time, part-time, or just contract basis. 

If interesting - comment below and I'll PM you his info! 

Can you ask him to move to Tennessee instead?

Please PM me as well.  Heading to indy tomorrow 

Yes please! Send him my way.

I'm a newbie investor looking for a good GC.

There are plenty of folks looking for a good handyman on Craigslist. Wishing your guy luck

@Brandon Turner , let me know if he moves to Bloomington.  We have a fairly sizeable BP group that gets together monthly.  I'd gladly invite him to join us.

Hi @Brandon Turner , please send his info my way as well. Always looking for extra help! Thank you!

@Brandon Turner I sent you a PM, but your auto attendant is on.. hehe We are always looking for handymen, and keep them pretty busy.. If he can do bigger stuff it's even better... 

I don't think your handyman will have any trouble finding work here in Indianapolis with your referral! 

Joe might want to check out Bildwise and talk with Ritch Bonisa and Dan Poske

Yes, please. I'd love his contact info. Thanks!

boom shock-a-lok-a

I have plenty of contacts that could use him.

I'd appreciate his info, thanks!

Agreed with @Jordan Sites !Bloomington is a uniquely different market than Indy and we are happy to welcome Joe to town. Contractor recommendations are regular request at our group meetings - there is plenty of work here in Bloomington!

I would appreciate his contact info.  Thanks.

Hey @Brandon Turner , thanks for letting us all know! Is he deciding between Bloomington and Indy or is he definitely moving to Bloomington and Indy's just the closest large city to name? You know, kinda like when people are from anywhere in Illinois and they just tell out-of-towners that they're "from Chicago." Regardless, we'd be interested in his contact info! Thanks again for the heads up.

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