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I’m a young IU Kelley School of Business grad and recent pro member in the learning and saving-up-for-my-first-investment phase. I work as a commercial RE analyst & underwriter at Marcus & Millichap. I’d love to network with any local investors and hear about their experiences. Is anyone interested in meeting on the north side of Indy sometime before the end of the year?

Welcome to BiggerPockets and do not worry you have come to the right place and will find a lot of friends here who can walk you through .Good luck!

Hey @Evan C. Davies , welcome to BP! I live on the northwest side of Indy and could meet up anywhere around there or Carmel. Give me a buzz or text and we'll be sure to connect. I'd also like to hear more about what you're doing as a commercial RE analyst.

Hi @Evan C. Davies

Welcome to BP. I invest in Indy and would be happy to chat anytime except next week because I'll be in Indy visiting some apartments with a Marcus & Millichap broker. 

Hit me up and we can talk if you'd like. 

@Jeb Brilliant you will be in Indy next week but only available after that? Feel free to send an email; your contact info isn't listed on your profile that I can see. I'm curious to know you're working with out of our office.

@Evan C. Davies I accepted your friend request, you should be able to see my contact info now, if not I'm happy to send it over. I'm not sure how busy I am next week while I'm in Indy but I'd be happy to try to meet up if possible. Text or email me. Additionally I'm happy to talk on the phone the following week or any other time. 

@Evan C. Davies Do you by any chance have any leads on apartments or packages of properties?

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