creative ways for finding deals...

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Looking for some help :)

We started looking for properties at the area 3 months ago and still haven't found anything- want to hear about creative ways for finding deals...

The neighborhoods that interest us are: little flower, Irvington, beach grove, Garfield park, mapeltown fall creek and Emerson heights.

Our budget is something between 40-60K.

The goal is to buy 15% less from the market price and we live abroad...

Want to hear from the people who involved in investments at Indianapolis where can we find what we want ..

Maybe you know about wholesalers around, maybe website that we don't know?

Any information can help us.

Thanks in advanced,

Lior & shon

@Lior Arama Driving for dollars is always a cheap way to go, but I do direct mail to owners that I find with distressed properties. You can look through the code enforcement database for Marion County ( Just search for enforcement cases in the last 30-60 days. Create a spreadsheet with addresses that are in your target areas. Then search the tax records to get the mailing address of the property owner. Usually if an owner is getting notices about their property from the city, they are just leaking money holding the property. #Motivation

@Ross Denman   Thanks for providing that tip about the Code Enforcement Database. Can you go in to detail about which column:Case Type and column:Status you will reach out to? An area I am searching is mostly for Trash - Investigation.

@Fred Ewert Click on the Enforcement Tab. Choose "Investigation - Trash" in the Case Type drop down. Limit your time frame. I don't usually pull more than a month if I'm not looking at a specific street or area. Click search. I just did it and there were over 100 records in the month of February. You can search both Investigations and Violations as well. I like to search "Illegal Dumping", "High Weeds and Grass", "Repair Orders", and "Vacant Board Orders"