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Hello, I am trying to find out a way to pull a list of current and past evictions in Marion County (Indianapolis) for a new mailing list. I have already called the Clerk of Courts (28 minutes on hold) and also searched their online tool. Both told me that you have to have 1 of 4 things to search; Case, Citation, Reference or Attorney. They don't have a list of evictions on hand either. There seems to be no way to search all evictions either current or past.

I also don't want to search their site against my Listsource of 60k+ absentee owners. That will take until next year and by then the motivated sellers will have sold.

Anyone have ideas on a finding the name of all lawyers who do evictions? I tried searching the Indiana Bar website and found no results for unlawful detainer or eviction lawyers. 

Any other ideas?

Alex Brant, Real Estate Agent in Indiana (#RB14035365)

I usually go through and search by name, specifically last name. Rather than typing full names in, I put in an asterisk to wildcard it. So for example, I'll search cases in the last 30 days with an a*. It will give me all those that have a last name that starts with an A on either side of the of case. It still takes a lot of work but it is better than going line by line of your absentee owner list. If you know which district/court handles evictions it will be even faster. I generally check Hendricks County and District court 5 usually handles evictions. Once I have a list of names, I look up the tax records and and add to my mailing list.

I hope that is somewhat helpful for you. 

Joe H., Real Estate Agent in Indiana (#RB17001260)

Thanks @Joe H. ! That helps a lot! It's definitely a start. I believe Civil Court in Marion county covers all evictions but I will do some research there for sure.

Alex Brant, Real Estate Agent in Indiana (#RB14035365)

@Alex Brant can I ask if you managed to put together your mailing list? I'm only active in a few small pockets of Indy. But if you have a list of address, owner's name, and date of recent eviction, I'd love to discuss.

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