Indy Wholesaler looking to start Indy REI discussion group

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Greetings BP!

I am a Wholesaler in Indianapolis looking to start up a local Indy REI discussion group.  Doesn't have to be anything super fancy, but a meeting once a month or so for local investors to get together and discuss strategies and solutions.  It would also be an excellent opportunity to network with each other and perhaps do some deals together.  Please let me know if you would be interested in joining a local Indy group. Please feel free to connect with me and let's talk deals in Indy!

All the best!


@Aaron Clements

Hi Aaron! I'm a BP newbie who's been house hacking for the last 2 years in Indy and starting to get serious about my first REI property. Would be very interested in a monthly group to network as I travel for work a lot and miss almost every INREIA meeting.

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I'm interested as well if we can meet in downtown. There's a lot of good places for something like this. 

Hello, my name is Rodney and I work for Real Property Management Indianapolis Edge. I would welcome a meet up with investors and re agents. I would love to provide information about landlording or property management. I was in the process of putting together a local meet-up about landlording and property management. Maybe we can all work together to accomplish.

Keep me posted and I might stop by, but there's already a dozen or so meetups and REIA's so it's tough to make every one.

Is there something particular you're planning to set your group apart? There's already wholesaler meetups, landlord meetups, multifamily meetups, investors/realtor meetups, note investing meetups, rehab and flip meetups, newbie real estate investing meetings (I just went to one today,) etc. It may be more beneficial to network with the already established groups. One thing that I haven't seen is a meetup revolving around the BRRRR strategy and since the majority of our clients are using the BRRRR strategy or some kind of variation, networking with professionals and providers who are familiar with the BRRRR strategy may be an interesting addition.

There are also several Facebook and other social media groups where there are opportunities to not only network with local investors but also to network with OOS investors. I haven't been as active recently, but you should certainly take a look at the Indianapolis Out of State Investor Facebook group. It's my favorite online, niche group. It stays pretty active and it's a decent group to network, learn, and contribute... just don't do the wholesaler thing and ask for everyone's emails for your buyers list... it'll get you banned :)