Living in LA and investing in Indy

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Hello, I'm currently investing in Indianapolis from LA (Pasadena). I know there are a lot of us out here, and it would be beneficial to all to connect and maybe get together to share experiences and make our network even stronger

Please reply to this post if you are interested and I'll be glad to organize something


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Hi all, I'm South of LAX and would like to meet up.  I've been researching Indy for a few months, just started making offers, but still need to refine my neighborhood analysis... Indy is block-by-block in many of the affordable areas.

Even if we don't physically meet up, or it doesn't happen often, I'd like to talk about what's working, what's not. 

Also, I'm in the "Indianapolis Out of State Investors" Facebook group. It's been pretty helpful. The posts are a mix of investors and service providers...There are some friendly PMs and wholesale/turnkey/rehab providers who provide some guidance, but also offer paid service.

Im from Eagle Rock, Los Angeles....  I’d be interested to meet up.  

Also, There’s an RE investor group meetup in Pasadena every other week... called FIBI.  Look it up on 

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