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Hello fellow rehabbers,

So we have been able to save a good amount of money on materials going through the bid room at Lowes and Home Depot, and on Lumber through our local lumber yard, but sometimes they do not have a ton of options for finish materials. 

I am curious if anyone has found any good websites to save on finish materials? I am interested in plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware, etc. 

What does everyone use?

We use plus Amazon Prime for much of our stuff now.  The 2-day free shipping is awesome, and their prices are better than the big box stores on many things.

Also try  Sometimes they have better deals than Amazon, sometimes Amazon has the better deal.  Between these two you can find a lot of items.  Do try Home Depot and Lowes online, too.  I have sometimes found the best deals through them.  They both have a lot more stuff online than in stores.  Home Depot offers free shipping to stores.  I recently ordered an odd sized register cover from then for about $16, free shipping to store.  It was $28 on Amazon and not prime elgible so another $12 for shipping.

I must recommend you NOT sign up for Prime, though.  Its really addictive. :-).

Originally posted by @Jon Holdman :

I must recommend you NOT sign up for Prime, though.  Its really addictive. :-).

 A bit off-topic, but if you're looking for a justification to purchase Prime for your building materials, here is one...

We originally got Prime to decrease the costs of shipping finish materials to our projects.  My wife quickly realized the power of Amazon/Prime, and now we get nearly EVERYTHING that way -- from toilet paper to dog food to light bulbs to soap to birthday presents and even some food.  The prices are often better than the grocery store or even Costco, and with two little kids, it could take more than the two days it takes to ship to even be able to get to the store...  :-)

Probably because we order so much (not necessarily a good thing :), it appears we've been upgraded to overnight shipping and Sunday delivery on a lot of things.  So, that's another plus if you start ordering a lot of stuff...

Another vote for Amazon with Prime and

I purchase a lot from and get better pricing than what shows on their website before I log in. I've tried purchasing locally from a supplier, but my online shopping experience is superior. I have a dedicated sales person that helps me if I need anything, but the website is so well done, that I rarely have to call him.

In case my joke didn't come through we really like Amazon Prime, too.  We order all sorts of stuff from them.  Unless its something big (lumber) or heavy (tile) or I need it right away Prime is often the cheapest alternative.  And it includes streaming video, too.

@J Scott or anybody else.

Are there any issues with having a personal account for Prime and using it to order and pay with an LLC debit card? Also will they allow you to deliver in multiple places. Also are there ANY (I realize it is advertised as free) additional charges for two day shipping of very large items like say an appliance set?


@Cal C. - I am another Amazon addict. We have our business card registered on the site and on the address associated with the card is our LLC name. I haven't had problems with it yet. If I am shipping to a new address I have to reenter the card number again for fraud protection.

Amazon is bad.  Now I even order things that I could get from Walgreen's that is a block away.  

Cal -

You can associate any number of credit cards and any number of delivery addresses with a single account (so yes, I can place orders for you :).

Anything that is marked Prime on the site is free 2-day shipping, no exceptions that I know of.

@Brianna Schmidt 

@J Scott 

Thanks!  I'll definitely have to sign up.  


you'll really be in trouble if/when they start drone delivery.  


I'm doing the road trip again tomorrow. Give me a call if you have some time. strike that if you can make some time.  Things must be crazier than normal with the Scott pad launch.

I use classic entries ( for all of my door hardware.  I haven't found a better price and the quality is excellent.

I am another amazon addict.  I really like the look of oil rubbed bronze, and they have great prices and selection of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

We use build for everything that's practical... which is mostly everything. Order early in the process and stock everything you need, saves a lot of time on running to the store.

Things that aren't good from build are water heaters, toilets, and tubs... at least, at the low end. At the middle and higher end, toilets and tubs become viable... but not water heaters. Except for maybe tankless ones.

I love Amazon prime.

Thanks for the input everyone!

I will certainly check out and the others recommend.

I am already an Amazon Prime addict as well, but I haven't really considered it for building materials. Definitely going to start. Nothing beats two day delivery :)

Another good resource we founds were for kitchen hardware and Home Depot "Bid Room" when placing orders about $2500.  Just go into home depot and ask about it!

Originally posted by @J Scott:

We use plus Amazon Prime for much of our stuff now.  The 2-day free shipping is awesome, and their prices are better than the big box stores on many things.

 I second this, with the caveat that sometimes things arrive broken.  So, it's best to order at least a couple weeks in advance of when you need the item in case you need to reorder.

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