Security Camera: No electric or internet... Suggestions?

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Well, simplisafe has been a great product but the freaking theives stole my entire electrical meter box as well as my keypad for the system HA! (This is a hysterical laugh...)

Here is what I've been searching for the last half hour:

  • IP Security Camera with or without tilt control
  • Night vision
  • Motion sensor
  • Battery operated/solar powered
  • Outdoor/indoor
  • Built-in internet / mobile connection (ie records video to cloud without internet present)
  • Affordable (<~$100)

I'm not sure if I'm searching the right keywords, but here are the items I've found which still don't do fall 100% under the criteria I listed above:


The last one is a trail cam which takes pics and sends them through MMS! But it's too expensive...

The tennis seems to be the way to go if I've got power and a wireless connection especially with the features it has.

I'm open to standalone wireless routers with battery power and connection!

Rigging may be the only way... Ideas?

PS I hear about REO Sentinel but I can't access the site on my iPad at least... Didn't know if it was still around?

If you're without electrical and wifi, then you have to go battery and wireless.  Given that they stole the electrical meter box, I'd go with a used trail cam which you can resell after the project is over so it really doesn't cost you much at all.  

Since your thieves seem to be persistent, I might also try a "Tagg Dog Tracker" -- wireless, battery operated, gps device that your thieves can carry back to their den.  Put something of value in the house with the dog tracker inside.   Thieves steal it, bring to to their storage place (along with your other stuff), and you put them in jail, recover your things.  Worked for me. 

Best of luck!  


Here is a link I found a while ago researching something similar. It's a do-it-yourself system. It's not going to be less than $100, though:

Build Trail Camera

Hi Taylor,

 Any luck finding this security camera? Please keep us posted. I am looking for the a security camera with the same criteria to see if I can figure out what is going on the dumpster area in  the Multifamily (16 townhouses) I manage.  I will keep posting the progress as well.

I too have been looking at this.  Not much out there that is affordable.  I have been trying a trail camera from bass pro shop that is pretty good but not wireless (have to go swap out sd card from time to time.)  Also looking at those hidden outlet cameras for vacant units but they are pricey.  Not so worried about catching while act is happening as police dont generally get there that fast but would like to be able to track the person/crook down after the fact.  also considered the simplisafe for vacant units but with multiple units at any given time this would get very pricey.  

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