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Hello BP!

Does it make sense to pay to have a website built for the flipping side of my investing company? I am buying my first flip next month and wasn't sure if it added credibility to the process. If so, should I have it built or build it myself? Any recommendations regardless of building it myself  or having it built?


Who are you trying to look credible to?

After you've done several flips, it might be worthwhile to build a site to highlight your successes and potentially try to raise money, but otherwise, I don't see much benefit.

@J Scott  I would like to build my own pipeline of leads over time and I wanted to give potential inquirers something to reference. Do you think that is a waste of money and time at this point?

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If a website looks professional, it can add a lot of credibility.  These days, people expect a legitimate business to have a website.  But a website that's obviously a do-it-yourself job can undermine credibility since it makes you look either cheap or broke, neither of which makes a good impression.

A professional-looking site gives the impression that you're actually in business and are not some sort of fly-by-night scam.  If you took the time and expense to set up a nice site, you're more likely to still be around down the road.

On the other hand, someone with no website is harder to track down, easier to disappear.  So it's a way of telling prospects you're serious about what you're doing and treating it as a business.

Credibility is especially important with motivated sellers.  Other types of leads you may be able to get away without a site initially, though it can really help to have one because you can put people on an e-mail mailing list and send them all an e-mail when you have new properties available.

If you have a website that represents you well and makes a good impression, tell people to go there.  Sometimes someone who is reluctant to give information may be more comfortable with you after seeing your site.

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