My latest "Flip" in Durham, NC

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If I can figure out how to post more pictures, I will.  :)

    Nicely done! It looks great, how long did it take to complete and how many bedrooms was it before? 

    @Lucero Sanchez Thank you.  It was a 2/ it's a 3/3.  9 months.

    I love the color you used on the walls going up stairs, if you don't mind me asking what is the name of the color and brand?  That is the color I would like to use in our next flip?

    It's a Benjamin Moore color:  "Gray Owl".

    Congrats. Looking to do my first property in Raleigh or Durham.

    @Account Closed

    Beautiful job! Fantastic transformation - the one you did in downtown a few months ago was wonderful too!

    You did a great job and the place looks beautiful. Congrats!!!

    @Art Allen, that looks fantastic!  You did a magnificent job.

    @Account Closed

    Wow beautiful work! Do you do all the work yourself? Also if you wouldn't mind can you post the details of the purchase and sale. I am curious how it all worked out after 9 months of work. Did you use a hard money loan? Again this is awesome work, and motivation!

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    This post has been removed.

    @John K. Thank you. I did much of the work myself, using only requisite subs.  It has all worked out extremely well. 

    @Account Closed ,wow!  Beautiful work, great decisions on style and upgrades.

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