My latest "Flip" in Durham, NC

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If I can figure out how to post more pictures, I will.  :)

    Nice job! I like the details on the porch (shingles, railing). The proportions look better now w/ the dormers.

    Nicely done! It looks great, how long did it take to complete and how many bedrooms was it before? 

    @Lucero Sanchez Thank you.  It was a 2/ it's a 3/3.  9 months.

    I love the color you used on the walls going up stairs, if you don't mind me asking what is the name of the color and brand?  That is the color I would like to use in our next flip?

    It's a Benjamin Moore color:  "Gray Owl".

    Art Allen What a stunner! I wish I had your skills! It turned out beautiful.

    Congrats. Looking to do my first property in Raleigh or Durham.
    Art Allen Give us some stats so we can drool tonight. I'll post up mine next week.

    @Account Closed

    Beautiful job! Fantastic transformation - the one you did in downtown a few months ago was wonderful too!

    You did a great job and the place looks beautiful. Congrats!!!

    @Art Allen, that looks fantastic!  You did a magnificent job.

    @Account Closed

    Wow beautiful work! Do you do all the work yourself? Also if you wouldn't mind can you post the details of the purchase and sale. I am curious how it all worked out after 9 months of work. Did you use a hard money loan? Again this is awesome work, and motivation!

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    This post has been removed.

    @John K. Thank you. I did much of the work myself, using only requisite subs.  It has all worked out extremely well. 

    @Account Closed ,wow!  Beautiful work, great decisions on style and upgrades.

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