Advice on suing a general contractor

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A contractor was recommended to us by a larger local wholesaler here in Dallas. We thought we'd give him a try. Bottom line, we had to bring on a different contractor because this one never finished the rehab.

As it turns out, there are several other investors dealing with this same issue, with this contractor. Apparently he has not been paying his sub-contractors, who are now putting liens against the homes (which is something they can do in Texas).

We also believe that this contractor has been using the rehab money, to buy, fix and flip houses for himself. Looks like he has two houses on the market.

I was wondering if there is any good attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area someone can recommend. We might have a group case here, as there are at least 5 investors affected by it with this same GC, maybe more.

Also, any recommendations as to how I should document the fact that this contractor never finished the job and we had to bring someone else in? Anything formal I need to do? I was only able to communicate via text message with this contractor, because he wouldn't pick up the phone, and basically had to fire him via text and then switch locks on the house.

Thanks for any help.

This is horrible and I'm so sorry you have to go through this.
Did you have a solid work agreement with him?
I can only offer obvious advice like taking photos and getting an invoice from the new GC which will be evidence of what work is still required.

It may be a little late, but you need to document, document, document events as they opposed to just waiting til the end and say I'm not happy.  No emails?  Basically you need to document the failure to perform.  The "group" idea doesn't help you, as your case stands on it's own.

We do have pictures prior to rehab starting, but we never specifically took pictures of the status of the property at the time we switched contractors. But we do have videos (sort of progress videos).

Thanks for all the feedback. Sounds like it's mostly common sense as to what should (and should have) been done.

I do wonder if anyone from the DFW area (Dallas, Fort Worth) (spelling it out, for those users who have alerts turned on) have a recommendation for an attorney.

Hey @Anderson Schulle - what was the end result here? I'm in a similar situation and would love to hear what action you ended up taking against your contractor.