For beginners: follow along my flips in Bay Area

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Morning all.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with love ones.

I’m back in action with a couple of flips in and around the great Bay Area.

I’m thinking about opening them up for whoever’s interested to follow through from start to finish.

This is geared toward beginners only. If you’re thinking about getting started in flipping and wanna know first hand how it’s like without having to spend a dime of your own, pls let me know. Practice makes perfect :).

Here’s what you’ll get:

+ insider’s view of everything: - what I look for when searching - how I found the properties - what it takes to seal & close the deal - numbers: all things $$$ related - plan: what’s my plan to do with them (with chances to practice/“role play” as if you’re the decision maker) - actual process of renovation: planning, construction cost, materials selection for flips, resources (contractors, subs, architects, supplier houses, etc...) - staging, marketing for sale - listing (diy or hire out, resources, etc...) - and everything else in between + these are all free of course + my promise that I won’t sell anything during the process :) so you’re perfectly safe with me!!! + why I do it: I learn my way for free from others (still do). And I like to help beginners getting started in flipping like me. :)

Time and space is limited so first come first served :).

I will start finalizing my list of interesting prospects by 6pm PST this Sunday (11/26) to send out general plan of actions. First meeting is next week.

Format: I’ll talk more with this group but in a nutshell, we’d probably meet up at job site as out first meeting. Then milestone meetings plus phone/email/social media as follow ups.

+ Property locations: - Pleasant hill - hayward + Construction experience potential (what you can learn about from these projects): - kitchen and bath remodel of course - room addition - ADU building - New Construction - Lot split

Any suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.


Hi Sean.

I use a variety of sources. Hard money, private lenders, friends and family, Heloc, cash.

Depend on deals, number of deals, total ticket price, and amount of cash on hand, I would select the best resources available to me.

What about you?

Hey @Nhi Nguyen , super kind of you to volunteer to show people the ropes.

I'd love to tag along and learn! Happy to buy you lunch/dinner in return. I'll send you a DM.

This is great. Ill DM you as well.

@Nhi Nguyen any shot you have a private jet that could pick me up in Rochester once a week for the meetups?  If so, I'm in.

Super kind of you Nhi. I am in San Francisco and am very interested. 

I'll message you in a bit.

I have a lot to learn about flips. I’d love to tag along. So very nice of you to offer.

I think this forum is great!! I myself am a new investor in philadelphia and New York. I close on my first property on Monday and have another in the pipeline. I would love to give back and help by sharing my experiences and resources.. If your ever in this part of town, DM me maybe we can Work together and pay it forward! .
I travel to Cali from time to time for Work and that’s my next city on my bucket list. Hope we can meet 👉🏼let’s pay it forward!!

Sign me up Nhi, I am a noob! :)

How do I sign up, Nhi???

Hi Nhi,
I would love to join as well. This is very nice of you offering this to BP group. I am real estate agent and investor here in Bay Area and would be more than happy to share my knowledge as well.

Thanks Nhi for offering to share your knowledge and your experience. Pls sign me up. I am a realtor and am trying to learn about flipping. 

Thanks all for the kind words.

For those who’s interested, pls just say so or pm me. I’ll tally up a list then contact you guys back tomorrow night.

Those who’s far away, I’ll fly my drone to come pick you up. :)

Johnson, good to hear back from you. 👍

What a great offer for newbies like me, I'm in Ohio, is there anyway I can join from this far away. 

Hi Christi. Thanks for your interest. I plan to keep it a hand on experience for the locals this time. :)

Hope you understand.

Just messaged you. Definitely would love to learn as much as possible. Thanks for doing this Nhi!

@Nhi Nguyen What a cool offer! I'm super interested in learning more. I'll send you a pm, too.

Thanks for the votes and interests everyone.  

I just visited the site in Hayward to give my wife a first tour before taking you guys there.  Just wanna cover my behind you know.  :) 

Raining and wet.  Wifey suggested to just go home and relax on Sunday.  But hey, I can rest with all these numbers and plans, and comps, etc... in my head.  Haha.  So addictive to this RE thingy!!! 

That’s so kind of you to offer such great opportunities! I would like to tag along please ! Thank you so much Nhi 😊

Nhi. If it's not to late. I love to join the group.  I believe you are blessed by paying forward and giving.

Nhi, new to BP but have a investment property, looking to learn more, pls add me thx

Hello everyone.  Hope you have a great Monday after Thanksgiving without ... spending a lot on Cyber Monday shopping.  :).  This year I didn't spend anything, saving up for the flips.  Haha.

I'm composing the list of those interested right now and will email out details in a day or two.  In the meantime, if you don't have your contact info (phone & email address) listed in your profile, please PM them to me.  If not, I'll go through and PM to ask.  Won't use it for any other purposes so please rest assure.  :) 

I'm pretty exciting to get started on these projects and looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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