Creating a 9x11 bedroom DIY cost

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Fort , Texas. 1600 square foot house. I want to turn a den into a very basic bedroom, 9 by 11. It would need a window a closet and a door. How do I estimate the price?

Hi Anna, I am a licensed contractor located in South Florida. I would recommend writing out a scope of work, and draw out a simple drawing showing your "vision". Then, once that is complete I would have 2-3 highly rated contractors in your area come out to give you an estimate for the work. I would suggest using "Angies List" if you do not have any good contractors in mind.

FYI if you plan use a site like Home Advisor, they charge each contractor a sizable fee (usually 4 companies) to get your info. So if you do that, it would be good karma if you used one of them. Most people use the sites to get ballpark numbers and never use them, which is killing the contractor on those sites and will eventually lead to those sites shutting down (Angie's List already was sold for a massive loss to HA) 

@Bryan Devitt Angie’s list had a 2002 business model with deceptive billing practices. Even now they seem to be doing fake free. I like thumbtack much more than HA. I dint think the “1-800-dentist model goes online” is viable longterm

Y'all are all awesome!  Thanks so much, that is good information. The deal is my spouse wants to do it himself, and I don't want to do the contractors dirty. We have a friend that is a contractor, we will barter w him.  That's interesting though, about the HA. I didn't know them. Thanks again!