GC Recommendations St Paul, MN Market

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Hey BP’ers! I am looking for a referral in the Twin Cities/St Paul (Minnesota) market for a great handyman or GC. I have an accepted offer on a flip house that needs a new bathroom and kitchen and I am working my way through how much I want to manage myself (sub contracted trade partners) or to use a GC. I prefer to manage myself but still looking for some referrals to talk through the option. I am hoping to find a partner that I could potentially have on my bench to do future projects with and even cut them in when possible. Let me know their info and why you like them. Thank you for any advice you can provide!

Klasic Property Services by a mile.  The owner is a great guy who is an investor and developer himself who is great to work with if you have your ducks in a row.  He does all of my rehabs and I know a have a lot of different people to draw from.  Just the best.

@daniel kurkowski thanks for the referral! I have heard of them already and definitely willing to reach out to him to see if he is willing to help! Thanks for letting me know he is an investor too!!

@david Barnett Thanks! I have their website and basic phone information. I have actually been told to go to them before and I have never been able to get a call back from them. I was hoping for a name and maybe a number of someone direct to get a call back.