Looking for an amazing before & after flip to feature!

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Hello rehabbers of BP!

I'm looking to feature one of your flips in our next issue of BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine! Have you recently flipped a house? Do you have an amazing story behind the flip? Was it a screaming deal? Was the house a hoarders haven prior to you getting your hands on it? Did you take semi-professional photos of the before and after (to be printed, these photos have to be at least 300DPI so, sorry, no iPhone pics allowed).

If you fit these criteria, I want to hear from you! Let me know who you are, when you're from, and the deets of your deal by replying to this thread. Can't wait to talk!

HI Katie, I have a client in Portland oregon that has a pretty awesome house close to downtown that he is just starting renovations on. They do amazing work. bought for $650,000 and will have a 1.1 million dollar ARV.

I'm in Charlotte NC and we just finished one that fits the bill perfectly. House was a nightmare and turned out gorgeous. Have professional photos to boot.

$43k purchase
$70k reno
$225k sale price
$89k profit

DM me your contact info and I can share more info.

San Diego 4/2 1829 sqft sfr

Off market web lead Sept, 2019 got under contract on first visit with seller. 

Purchase 1/7/20 - $340,000

Rehab completed 2/28/20 - $75,000 

Listed 2/29/20 - $559,000

Pending 3/4/20 - $562,500

Sold 3/27/20

Profit - $100,000 in 80 days 

@Katie Miller So no iphone pics of the before? That's how I make the after photos look so good. lol

We are almost done with a little flip in Mount Vernon, WA. Hopefully we get some good pictures, but photographers are not deemed essential right now. We purchased for $130,000 from an Instagram DM from another local investor. This is our first flip and our first partnership, and we have done most of the work ourselves in the past 3 months. I should hit the market in a couple of days!

Here's an in progress (not professional) picture so you get the idea of what kind of house we are talking about. I would love to get you more information if this fits your criteria.

@Katie Miller

Hi Katie,

Just about finished with my latest project in Scotch Plains NJ

Purchased at $265,000

Built for $325,000

Resale of $849,900

It’s was a difficult project due to the zoning requirements but we put it together nicely. Converted a small row home into a modern farmhouse.

I’d be happy to send you photos and even a quick video I did on it. Having professional shots and video done this upcoming week.

Thanks in advance

Hugo Alves

I have a few albums on my website: Acadiapropertieswi.com. If you see something interesting I can send over full photo packages. 

I have the perfect project for you! 

Los Angeles Based. Bought the house for 400k and sold for 900k

The house was purchased from an owner who had the house in there possession for over 6 decades!!

We gutted the entire house, added over 1k sq ft, add a garage and landscaped the entire yard. All the work was internal. We are a General Contracting firm. 

We have BEFORE pics with iPhone and After pictures are in high resolution for both print and web. I also have quite a few of durning alone with videos of needed.

Well, mine doesn't count, because I don't have professional Before pictures, plus I didn't sell it, but I'm throwing it out anyway ..because I'm proud of it and because it was just featured in the local Atlanta paper....lol

Updated 2 months ago

In case that's not visible - I replaced the 2 sliding doors and the big window with 3 garage doors

Originally posted by @Marlen Weber :

@Tim G. What an amazing transformation. Your numbers look amazing on this deal. Congratulations. 

 Thank you, I'm really proud of the workmanship and design

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