When did you get into house flipping?

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I don’t ever remember it being called flipping    Just thought if I bought a house that was in bad shape and fixed it up I could make money 

Paid $13,000 from cash advance on credit cards 

I read the instructions on the brown paper wrapper around the shingles I bought as well as read books on plumbing I got from the library

Zero experience with anything related to working with tools or fixing things 

Ignorance is bliss 

@Mondo Guti , I did a lot of renovation projects on my first home (primary residence), so 2007. First property bought specifically for investment was 2011 with a bank REO property. This would be called a BRRRR now, but like Michael mentioned, BRRRR wasn't a think 10 years ago. First purpose bought flip was in 2015.

Or you can dial it back to 1988, when I watched and "helped" my dad finish our basement himself.  I was 6 yrs old so my help was limited to giving my dad the wrong tools.

Personally, I don't think you need to know everything, but understanding basic construction process, ball parking costs, and finding or having good contractors all helps the process.