Kitchen remodel, I need feedback!

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Here is a photo of a house I am going to be remodeling. I want to move the fridge to one of the adjacent walls, and I want to position the stove with a microwave over top of it. I really don't want to frame in a window because then I would have to put siding in place of the window and I will never match the color, so I would then need to paint the exterior. I think the pantry is expendable if I was able to install a small island for cupboard space. Does anyone have some suggestions on other layouts that may work better? Thank you!

To me you are looking at it backwards

When I look at renovating I figure out profit available and base the renovation on that 

Why are you changing it?

To live in?

To sell?  If yes how much will it sell for and how much profit?

To rent? If yes how much rent per month 

Are you remodeling because you intend to sell or are you holding this as a rental and intend to do a cash out refi? Personally, I don't like microhoods, especially in rentals. Because it is built in, when it goes out (and it will - you're lucky if you get 5 years out of appliances today) you are going to have to replace it for your tenants whereas, if you allow them to buy a countertop microwave, it's on them to replace it. A kitchen vent hood will probably last longer and cost less. We've been installing this type recently for an inexpensive clean, modern look. I would not enclose either window - light and ventilation is desirable in a kitchen, there are PLENTY of cabinets so you don't need the extra wall space and like you mentioned, that would mean patching that opening and matching the exterior siding. However, I would move the stove out from under the window - looks like there's room to the left of it - so you can install the vent hood on the wall above it. I would also eliminate the pantry (especially if it's a rental) and let them put their fridge there. Again, you have more than enough cabinet space and it looks roomy in these photos.

Not sure if this is a rental or a flip, but maybe you could leave everything where it is and install a range hood over the window (see pic)? I wouldn't get rid of that pantry, and I don't know what's on the other side of the fridge but it looks like you have plenty of space for a countertop microwave. Just an idea.

Sorry I should have specified. It's a flip property and I'm trying to mirror the comps kitchens.

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Good information and very eye opening. I'm going to go play around with some measurements and see what I can get figured out. Thank you!

Think about work flow.  You could put the fridge where the panty currently is and then put the stove where the fridge currently is.  Problem is where is the rangehood going to vent?  I would discourage you from putting a microwave above the stove.  It decreases the cooking space and when it dies, replacing them is a pain.

If it was me, I'd put the stove where the pantry is (or close to it), add a dishwasher to the left of the sink and keep the fridge where it is.  That puts the stove on an outside wall making it easy to vent.  You can easily add a pantry cabinet next to the fridge (you have lots of space on the right side) and the fridge wouldn't 'stick out' as much.  Keep the windows and don't block them with anything in front.  It is nice to get natural light.

Originally posted by @Stephen Bennett :

 Hi Stephen,

First Day lighter bulbs vs the Orange glow ones. A lot of people favor brightness in the kitchen. 

As you go down the economic scale of renters, the more they value brightness, because the tend to cook more than going out to eat.

I did a quick mock up of some of my thoughts for the kitchen for you.

LVP flooring, more electric light, including under counter lights, a single hole deep sink, you can see in the pic below.

As for the cabinet doors...the place may bring good rent with the doors as is, or if not I'd probably price out a few door replacement companies vs tearing them out and installing new.

My mockup increases the counter work space quite a a kitchen where people will be cooking vs going out to eat...that is something I'd point out to potential renters.... the large "C" configuration of potential work space.

As for top cabinets on the new stove wall...I might go with open shelves (if it would still bring top dollar in that market for that neighborhood class home).

The color yellow...(is it yellow or white I can't be sure, after color adjustment to daylighter it looks yellow ???)....Dark colors make the room feel small, and lighter colors make it feel bigger...I favor using the same color as the living room in all rooms to make the place seem all pulled together, with kitchen and bath going up (1 stage) in gloss from the rest of the unit (to make cleaning easier). 

Good Luck!

I don't love a microwave over the stove but sometimes that makes the most functional kitchen and if you are selling what do you care if it needs replacing down the road?  also the question is does it have to be vented if its a microwave, if not that saves you some cost and gives you more placement options.   I so hate kitchens that don't have  at least a  place for microwaves. 

I would switch pantry and fridge. you could put stove on inside wall if you don't need venting. If space is in an issue your pantry doesn't need to be 24 inches deep, it could be shallower.