Best Course or Class to Get Started Flipping Houses?

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Hello everyone!

I'm brand new to the Bigger Pockets forum. My wife and I are looking to start flipping houses in our local area. We live in Southern California, in Orange County. I'll share a bit more information about us below, just for context. 


What have you found to be the best Course or Class to start learning (specifically) how to Flip Houses?

We are not currently interested in buying rental properties locally, due to how crazy tenant laws are in California. We know we can buy rental properties out-of-state but do not want to do that as of right now. 


I currently run my own handyman business and often take-on projects to rehab bathrooms etc. I know exactly how much it should cost to hire a contractor, for any type of work on a house. This puts us in a good position, in terms of making sure we are not taken advantage of by any contractors. 

My wife is an accountant for a large city out here, in Orange County. She has about 30 years of experience in that field and has previously run all accounting for several small businesses. She is also a licensed tax preparer. That puts us in a good position, in terms of making sure that we have all of our numbers right. 

My son will be helping us with marketing, advertising (if needed), press coverage (if needed) and finding investors / lenders (if needed). He has about 15 years of extensive experience in those fields and has been highly successful in each of them. 

Our financial goals are as follows:
Year 1 ($100K in net profit), Year 2 ($250K in net profit), (Year 3 $500,000K in net profit), Year 4 ($1 M in net profit). Right now, we are complete rookies and are looking for the right place to start (in terms of a class or course). 


What have you found to be the best Course or Class to start learning (specifically) how to Flip Houses?

Thanks so much to anyone who jumps in and replies!

- Chris

@Chris Jordison you can totally reach your goals if you put effort into it.  There are many people on here and other places like meetup that you can gain experience in flipping with little or no money for the education portion.  Reach out to the local Biggerpockets community in your area and go from there.

Good Investing...

Wow both  of you have strong professional skills for the flipping business. We have had many real estate flippers take the fortune builders course . The materials are outstanding and my understanding pre covid the networking and in person classes where very beneficial . I hope this helps . Happy to network and assist . 

There are dozens of good books out there that will give you a basic overview but based on your description of skills/assets you will probably learn little more than you already know from your own experience. Once you have that general knowledge, the key is to gain market-specific information about the territory in which you intend to work. What do fixers cost in your area? What ARV's can you expect post-fix? How does Irvine differ from say Newport? Does Riverside make more sense? What areas are most promising in terms of available inventory? How much do improvements cost? Timing and ease re: permits in various local jurisdictions? Your best bet is to find someone doing the work in your area and picking his/her brain. Most folks are willing to sit down and impart knowledge especially if you pick up the tab for lunch etc.

I wouldn't waste my money on these courses. Instead I would find an experienced flipper, offer to partner on a deal, maybe bring the deal to him if you can find one, and agree to take a reduced amount of the commission in order to be involved and learn about the process

Hi Richard, 

I heading to a meet up this week that is focused on flipping. I'll DM you the details. Might be a little far drive from SD but may be worth it. 

Hope this helps! 

The one that actually show's you how to pick up the properties cheap enough to have half a chance at success. By actually, I don't mean teaching you how to theoretically (SEO, "we buy houses" campaigns), I'm talking about them actually getting a property in your hands at the right costs.

Have no idea what course or book is going to do that.

You'll have to grind the 4D's (death,distaster,debt,divorce) till you find someone desperate enough to take a low ball offer, like the other guys do... or if you've got the team, maybe you can do high end remodels buying 800k houses at market price in Los Angeles and selling them for 2m. Not many guys can pull off the later.

I have been flipping for many many years 

Last week I bought my first ever book on flipping 

Could have saved myself literally years if I had bought it when I first started 

J Scott The book on Flipping