Feedback on Leavenworth & Bonner Springs KS

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Hi all

I've been offered some property in Leavenworth, KS and also Bonner Springs, KS - I'm not familiar with the areas. Before I move ahead with due diligence, could those with experience in the area give me some information on it in terms of rental demand, crime, general economy, demographics etc?

These would be buy and hold rentals (predominantly single family - mixture of 2 & 3 bedroom homes) so i'm not looking for the ability to flip or on-sell, really just to hold for rental income longer term.

Many thanks for your help


Thank you all very much for the quick replies.  How difficult is it to find quality tenants (i know they will be low income typically and have some issues but hopefully you know what i mean) and how long are properties vacant typically?

Also, with respect to the city - how is the city on zoning and code violations? in other words, are they out to fine people or is it reasonable?

Lastly, how is the crime rate? I've seen some reports of significant crime and whilst i'm used to investing in higher crime areas, there's crime and there's CRIME :)

Appreciate the help!

Account Closed - so much of the question about tenants is going to be dependent on the class of property you are buying...

Vacancies - I run about 7-8%

City - if you have a code violation they give you plenty of opportunities to fix. I have never been fined. 

Crime - it's the lower case crime and not bad/dangerous