Monthly Meet Up / Networking

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Hello All! 

I would like to set up a Topeka Meet Up/Networking group that meets monthly if possible. The goal would be to help each other in our various businesses. I have had a few deals that I have come across in the last couple of months that weren't a fit for me but I have helped others acquire these properties. I would bet the deals I am looking for someone else has passed on or referred them to others. This would be for everyone. Buy and Hold, Wholesaling, Flipping, etc.

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Dustin thanks for suggesting. I'd love to be part of it. If we could do either Monday or Thursday after work or any morning but Tuesday before work, that'd be great for me. -Dave

Thank you for taking initiative to organize something. I love the idea of a formal monthly meeting. In the meantime would anyone be interested in meeting up at classic bean in fairlawn plaza Saturday morning for coffee? 

Angela today won't work for me but I love that you're trying to get a time together.  I'll definitely try to make the next one. Weekends tend to be really busy for me. Thanks!