Finding out price paid by owner in Baltimore City

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Hey all, simple question, in Baltimore City, how can I find out what the price paid for a house by the owner is. I have a potential deal but before I make an offer I would like to get more information on the house and its history.

I've tried Zillow but the information seems incorrect and jumbled.

@Nick Harrington

Google Baltimore tax assessor, and you should be able to find it on there by looking up the property.

you have to register but its worth it

Nope, I was only able to find tax information which I already know, not the price paid for the house.

Originally posted by @George F. :

you have to register but its worth it

That's the one, thanks! I had it on the top of my head but couldn't remember how to find it.

title company. what's the address?

As @George F said It is the website for all and records in Maryland. You have to understand what you are reading, but after you do, you will not just be able to see what they paid, but any other loans or lines that are against the property.  You can also extrapolate what they still owe and what their current payments are.

state assessment site.... baltimore city takes a little while to record sales!

Maryland land records is one of the best tools I have ever used!

Agreed, sdat works great for finding the previous price and for finding owner information.  

For the metro area at large the website is a tremendous resource for investors.  It is one of the rare places that shows the "seller help."  Support the site buy using the affiliated agents as your buyer agents.

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