Splitting up a house in Baltimore city

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Please help me understand something.

If I wanted to make a house into a duplex in DC, it's a matter of making sure the basement (and it is typically a basement) is legal in height. It is not a big deal to split a house into 2 units. Making two condo units from one SFH, that's more involved, but possible.

But I get the sense that it is a PITA in Baltimore. Is it possible to divide a house into two units, just 2, not 3, in Baltimore City? What are all the parts?

I would recommend you start with Baltimore City Zoning. They can tell you what the current zoning is for the property and your prospects for getting it rezoned from SFH to multi-unit. I'm dealing with this very issue and it's my understanding the Appeals Board is not very "generous" when it comes to rezoning. Not that it can't be done, but it can be labor intensive-