Cost for mini split AC units in Boston, MA

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Hi everyone, we're considering putting mini splits in our Boston unit for AC only (heat is natural gas). The unit is 600 sq. feet and I know we need an exterior unit of 20,000 BTUs and two indoor units. We're on the top floor with direct roof access. I've gotten a few quotes and I'm in sticker shock for how much it will cost to get these installed. Everyone has been over $10,000. Does this sound reasonable? Does anyone have any other recommendations or resources for mini splits, or is this what I should expect? Thanks in advance!

I'm doing a three unit (about 1,000 sq ft. each) project in JP. It came out to just about $10K per unit. Depending on where your unit is, they may be charging just for the hassle of doing one unit in the city. DM if you'd like some other people to try. 

Hi Haley,

I did hyper heat to take advantage of some Mass Saves deals --basically use them for AC. It really depends on how challenging the project is, distance between heads, and the electrical work needed.

How many heads are you looking to get? If you go 4 or more you may need additional mechanical equipment.

After having many companies give me quotes, I chose one that would do all of the electrical and AC work under one roof. Many companies expect you to bring in an electrician at an unknown cost. Additionally, my AC project needed some steam pipes moves, but because they were a plumbing and AC company, they were able to handle all of this (steam was too close to breaker boxes).

If you have an older home you may have more electrical work needed than you think. For this project we had to wire in two 6 foot grounding rods outside of the property prior to electrical inspection.

thanks everyone! 

@Dan K. we’re looking to get one outdoor unit and two indoor wall mounted units. The indoor units will be basically back to back on the one interior wall we have. They would also be really close to the electrical panel (100 amps) on the same wall. One company is suggesting we try and tie them into the drain in the bathroom (also close by) to avoid the need for pumps. I like this idea, but their quote was over $15k. They were the only company who would do electrical; the others would require outside electrical work and I don’t know what that will end up costing. The home is older, and yes I reached out to many companies and about 80% of them said they won’t work in the city. So I know I’m paying a premium to have this done. 

Hi @Haley M. ,

Unfortunately 15K sounds in the approximate price range for 3 heads -- for 2 heads I would expect less. Out of the 10 or so companies that I contacted, many didn't show for a quote, or once they came they never actually gave us a quote because the job was too complicated. Each vendor had a different suggestion on where to mount the units, what to do about electrical, etc.

If you have steam or electric heat, you should consider the hyper heat models. We did Mass Saves and saved a significant amount of money through their discounts.

Honestly, at this point of the year, maybe you should wait until the end of the winter and get an early spring discount. I am guessing that most of the vendors have a backlog of several weeks. It sucks, but September is right around the corner.

The mini splits were the best investment from a comfort standpoint that we made. Additionally, from a security perspective it's nice not having window ACs.

I just had it installed in my rental. Shoot me a pm with which companies gave you quotes and I can let you know which ones I got quotes from and how much they were.