Looking For Hospitality Investment Knowledge

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Hey There BP!

I'm a digital media producer by day and have a had a serious itch to get into real estate for some time now. After some serious thought and speaking with folks in the industry, I decided to branch into hospitality and I am looking to open a specialty boutique hotel in the Detroit metropolitan area! More specifically, a tiny house hotel!

I've got a thorough business plan that's been through the ringer, so I'm interested in starting to chat with folks about how to bring something like this to fruition. 

I'm looking to speak with anyone familiar with commercial real estate and hospitality investments, specifically with respect to Detroit.

Any advice is also welcome! Thank you!!

Hi Tannis,

I just moved back to Detroit after living in Brooklyn for a long time.  I'm a newbie real estate agent and investor.  

That's a pretty aggressive plan you got there!  I love tiny homes and there are actually some interesting tiny homes and apartment projects either in progress or that have been completed here (I can send you some articles).  This is the first that I'm ever hearing of a tiny house hotel, pretty cool.  

As mentioned, I'm just getting started, but if you need boots on the ground or information gathering, I wouldn't mind helping out when I have time.  LMK and best of luck.



@Tannis Spencer

Hey Tannis!

Love your idea, I realize it's been a year since you posted it. Any updates to share?

I'm originally from the Detroit metro so this really hits home. I'm excited about the future of tiny-home hotels and resorts. I myself am developing a business plan for a tiny house resort in Colorado that's accessible to Denver city residents. 

Would love to connect and discuss more!