Interested in a 3 day Noteschool seminar in San Francisco?

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Hello Bigger Pockets colleagues. I have paid for attendance to receive training on note investing from Eddie Speed of the fame. They allow me to also bring a business partner at no extra charge. At the moment I do not have a business partner to share this advanced training with. If you are interested in learning the note business or might wish to invest in notes because you have capital or you want to flip notes and you live in the San Francisco MSA; I invite you to contact me ASAP as the company prefers to know in advance if I am bringing a second party to the seminar. Or if you don't live in the area but are interested enough to fly in and pay for hotels etc., then you can also inquire.

There will be no cost to the "partner" and you will be getting the same education I will be getting. Meals or lodging are your responsibility. Seminar cost for me is right at $1000.00. The benefit for me is I might be cultivating a friendship or a Joint Venture partner as a result of my offer, and I don't think there is a down side to either of us if you join me. However, if I have to choose between several; I will be deferring to someone who has good credit or cash to work with, or someone who has experience in note investing already. Seminar is May 29, 30, 31 in San Francisco, CA. Love to hear from any interested parties.

Darwin Mickelson

949 216 8001 (voice, msg 24/7)

512 265 5252 (voice, text, msg 24/7)

[email protected]

I would enjoy going. Always trying to expand my real estate knowledge and expand my Bay Area network. I'll pm you. 

Thank you for responding Bob and I have received your pm. It looks like for this seminar offering you are my "business partner" colleague. I'm not sure how, but I suppose I should now take down this post. I will forward all necessary information to expedite your attendance with me at this seminar. Talk to ya soon!

Eddie Speed knows his stuff.  You two will enjoy the seminar!

You will get some good basic knowledge at Eddie's weekend boot camp. His knowledge runs deep and his team is very professional. One word of caution-- they will sign you up for a "free consultation" with one of the team members to help you with any questions. This is a good thing, but understand that their goal is to upsell you into their mentoring/coaching program at $15,000-25,000. Some of my peers did enroll and they are getting benefit from it. I opted to just buy a NPL with my $15K and turned it around in 8 months for a $6K profit. I strongly advise that you not make any hasty decisions-- you can always enroll in their program at a later date once your enthusiasm quells into reflection and larger perspective...


I was just informed by my better half that I have plans on Saturday and cannot make it. I don't want to waste a day of your ticket Darwin. I appreciate your generosity, but I am going to have to bow out.

Well folks, surprise surprise, Bob Thomas, my first applicant for the no cost seminar discovered he had a schedule conflict. So I'm back to looking for another guest to attend the 3 day Noteschool event in San Francisco May 29,30,31.

If you find your way here in this post, the floor is open for another party to join me to learn about note investing. Let me know ASAP. Thanks Darwin   949 216 8001, 512 265 5252

email me of PM me.

I don't like when people advise against something when they have not experienced it. I have spoken to over a hundred people that attended this seminar (about half did the 15k+ program) and there is a s very strong pattern that I have noticed. First of all, everyone that spoke negatively did not even attend the 3 day seminar. The people that did attend it said that it was worth the money. Now about the expensive program. Every single person that regretted signing up did very little or nothing about the note business. People that did apply themselves made a good profit (some had a rough start). You need to understand that note business is not as easy as most think and at first will require a lot of time from you. If you do not apply yourself, your money will be wasted. 

I'm surprised moderators did not catch your promotion as you are neither Pro status on BP or is this listed in the marketplace as an event. 

The last time Eddie called me, he was driving to a highschool football game and had really limited coverage. Think he called me six times! I advised him on several matters and help connect with an REIA in LA that was a better match for his target audience and speaking style (which I would describe as Ross Perot on a caffeine and sugar high).

Eddie knows his stuff and enjoys the game. 

There are others who have used the "build a herd and fence it" strategy. Perhaps @Bill G. may chime in?

Also, those interested in an instruction to the topic can start by reading Gordon Moss, 'Performance Anxiety'. 


You've been helpful to me in the past a while back. Are you directing your comments toward me as being the party who is "promoting" an event? Or someone else on this forum thread. I am not knowledgeable about all the guidelines for creating a post on BP. Is there some violation to wanting to share my enrollment ticket with someone else on a no obligation basis to another member of the BP community? I'm already committed to going and don't feel I am promoting the Noteschool as this is my first exposure to this level of training with them. I simply felt I had an opportunity to share with another if there was a mutual interest. If offering a gift is against "the rules" then I hope BP will accept my apology. If it is accepted in the spirit of goodwill that it is intended, then I hope someone will join me to enjoy what I hope to be some quality training. 

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