Do you efile your documents/assignments?

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I was wondering how many people are efiling their documents/assignments of mortgage?  If you buy a note from FCI exchange, they charge $200 for this.  I could file it myself for this particular county for under $20 via snail mail.  I started looking into efiling, assuming that it was only available to large companies but it seems like it is not just available to large companies.   I came across a list of efilers that that the county that I am recording in recognizes so I thought that I would share the info.  I'm sure that there are more companies out there and if anyone would chime in on their experience with these companies and their cost, that would be great.  I Googled most of these companies and their web sites did not indicate what recording costs were.  I did find one company, PPDocs, that listed their "convenience fee" as $10 plus whatever filing fees that the county has.  That seemed very reasonable as compared to the $200 that FCI wanted to record assignments.

If anyone uses any of these or other companies to record or research info, please comment on your experience with them and educate us all.  

Sorry guys, I had the phone numbers included but had to remove them because it was not allowed on BP





Nationwide Title Clearing


I havent used this one, but you can research on this as well:

@Pari Thiagasundaram Thanks, I did go to their website but it contained no information of how much it costs to do an assignment.  I'm sure the price varies based on what the recording costs are in that particular county.  I know that simplifile is used a lot.

@Sandy Uhlmann and @Pari Thiagasundaram

In our experience, Simplifile is the easiest to use and has the best customer service (and that really matters). They go the extra mile to help the user.  

Simplifile is a user-friendly interface to the individual county filing systems. However, those individual systems are not precisely uniform. So, what works with one county may not work in another.  On many occasions, we have ended up calling the recorder's office to have them walk us through the process after several failed e-filing attempts. None of that is Simplifile's fault - its just part of the process.

While it is frustrating to have filings rejected, its better than having to fix mistakes later if the document is mis-recorded

The good news is that over time, it gets easier. We have filed a few hundred documents saving a lot of time and about $100 per document compared to outsourcing. 

Its certainly worth the trouble of persisting through the learning curve. Invest the time to watch the instructional videos and attend a webinar training then dig in. Be prepared for a frustrating first few attempts but after a few months you will be happy you did

good luck 

Hi @Sandy Uhlmann , we've been using Simplifile as well for the past 3 years and it's very easy once you get your account set up. Also, I have 3 different companies and Simplifile lets me set up bank accounts from each entity to pay from, so I can segregate the filings under each company profile for both payments and record keeping. You basically upload a PDF of the documents you want to record and when it is recorded you get a heads up email and can download the recorded/stamped filings for storage. You can get set up for free and they charge like $10 on top of the county's fees. The payments are done as one ACH deduction from your bank acct and Simplifile pays the county on your behalf. 


Great thread, @Sandy Uhlmann !   I was actually just on my County Clerk's website trying to figure out how to file an assignment earlier today.  With the much appreciated input by @Paul Birkett and @Bob Malecki , I will be saving myself a trip downtown and a likely wait in line!   Thank you all so much.

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