Has anyone done business with Trust Deed Resale?

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@jas singh Thanks for your response. 

I have a couple of questions for you!

Have you ever completed a deal with this outfit in the past? 

Are you working with anyone specific on their team? 

Have you ever received a due dilligence package from them beyond an appraisal?

Thanks for your reply in advance.

@JD Tyrrell - I never got any feedback from anyone but I still get email leads weekly from this outfit. I asked for dd materials and he essentially recorded the transaction with my LLC and acted as if I were closing on the deal. All I wanted was info...had to hire an attorney to get my company off title...it's was a terrible experience so I have never done any business with this outfit since that experience. They do advertise high yields...falls in the top Good to be true category.

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@Andy Mirza that’s correct

Did you receive any payments?? (joke) I have emailed  3-4 deals from this company for months. Each deal looks like a no brainier,14% interest 2 years 50% or greater equity. Too good to be true -


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@Andy Mirza that’s correct

If you didn't give them any money, how could they benefit by preparing and recording an AOM in your name? Why do you think they would do such a thing?

@Bob Berland Why did it take an attorney to clear you off of title? I would think that the broker or seller would want to record a Recission right away. Is that what was done to clear title?

@Andy Mirza frankly I did not trust the party that put me on title so I secured an attorney to navigate the issue and act in my best interest. It was a very odd interaction and I have never dealt with this company prior or since. If you have information relating to this company please feel free to share your insights.

As many people will note ALWAYS do due diligence on companies. Make sure you know principals, are they registered in their state and check their credentials/lawsuits against them etc.