Architect Referral in the Minneapolis Area (Fridley, MN)

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Hi BiggerPockets Community!  I am looking for a referral for an Architect in the Minneapolis area. We are converting a 5-plex into a 6-plex in the city of Fridley, MN. The city is requiring an architect’s stamp of approval on the existing expansion plan. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Just as a FYI, no architect or GC would rubber stamp a conversion but has to do their due diligence- I’m impressed with Peter’s grasp of  odd requirement so you would be in good hands 

Thank you so much for your replies @Amber Gonion and @Josh Brook !  I think I found an architect that I would like to work with.  I am meeting him on Tuesday to walk through the project, so I am set for now.  I will definitely keep Kevin Grube and Henry Elgersma in mind for future projects!


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