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Good afternoon,

I have so many questions but I won't boggle you down with them all. Last year I paid $500 per month for a real estate coach but was unsuccessful in gaining any business in the wholesale real estate market. I am really anxious to start investing so I can own my own time one day. Honestly I just don't know where to start.

Also, I am a new loan originator but I have been in the mortgage business for over 13 years as a processor and closer. I am trying to build my network and was wondering if you all had suggestions on building business in general. I know that networking is key but I am needing some key features that can boost my real estate contacts. I know this is not a mortgage website just though I would ask.

thank you for your help.

@Karlyn Brasselmon

Search on BP for at least 10 active experienced members in your area. Call or PM them, have coffee and talk. 

Everyone can bring something to the table. Share your goals and frustration, and how you can help them with their business. 

That should be a good starting point for you to build your network. 

Thank you that is good idea. @Chris T. how do I figure out who is recent?

@Karlyn Brasselmon

Type in "saint louis" in the search box, I just did and found 133 members. Click on the profiles for the ones that says saint louis, MO - especially the PRO members.

on their profiles, you can see how ACTIVE they are. And how to get a hold of them. 

Karlyn where are you interested in investing in St Louis? I own 21 units in South City. I have 17 I have bought on my own and 5 I own with a partner. I've only been investing a couple of years, but I have built up a pretty good network of bankers, brokers, tradesmen, and investors just by telling everyone I meet that I am an investor and what I'm looking for. Even when I was looking for my first property I still had an elevator pitch of the type of properties that interested me from an investment standpoint then I just bugged the hell out of everyone till I got my first deal.

There are a number of real estate agents/brokers here in STL that are also investors. Find them, interview them, make sure they are investors in the area you like then use them to help you find deals. If you find something good, offer to partner with them. If they don't want to (or can't) go to any of the REIA groups (Southside Investment Club is a good one) and use the networking time to talk about your deal and what you need. I know from experience that if you find a deal, you will have more people rushing in to help than you can imagine. Almost every investor I know is happy to help new investors, Maybe not with money, but with expertise or introductions. It is all valuable it's really just a matter of you getting started.

As you start to look at properties and make offers, you will automatically meet owners, investors, closing agents, brokers, and of course a few shady characters but the bottom line is that a network is built by you taking action and I have found that as a result of that action it happens naturally. The other thing I have learned: The more serious you are about investing (meaning you not only learn and make offers but actually make the deals and buy something) the higher quality your network becomes. When successful people see you actually doing something, they are quick to jump in and help...

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