Foreclosing on SFR in north Las Vegas

2 Replies | Las Vegas, Nevada

We are scheduled to foreclose on a 3/1 sfr in north Vegas on July 11th. From what I can tell, the general ARV on this property is just below $200K. We would like to start bidding at a price that will attract bidders as we do not want to take the property back.

Does anyone local to this market have any info as to how popular the auctions are in Vegas and if we should expect to get some bids if we open at let's say $160K? The home looks to be in decent condition from the outside, I did a drive by in April when I was in town.

Thanks in advance!

Court house auction are very popular also for a decent price you can easily unload to investors, PM me the details and I can give you a very good assessment 

We ended up taking the property back at the auction and we intend to sell it as an REO once we receive the sheriff's deed by the end of this month FYI