Investing in Cincinnati

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My name is Joe and my fiance and I are looking to invest in our first out-of-state rental property in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are interested in using the BRRRR method to grow our portfolio there, as well as growing my network in Ohio! I would love to connect with investors in the area and hear from others about their experience investing in the area. I'm also looking for recommendations on reliable real estate agents that specialize in off-market, pocket listings and distressed properties who can help us acquire our first BRRRR property in Cincinnati and hopefully many more. Thank you in advance for any advice and tips!

Thanks Dave! Mainly looking at B/C areas with good cashflow. Some areas we've looked into so far are White Oak, Colerain Township, Mt. Healthy, Pleasant Ridge, Madisonville, and Norwood. Any advice on good B/C areas is much appreciated. 

Since we're new to Cincinnati we're looking for trustworthy real estate agents and PM to guide us into some good areas...especially since we've heard it can be very block by block. So I think that may be the determining factor ultimately. We haven't connected with a good Agent, PM, or Contractor yet.

Our budget is pretty broad and we're looking at SFR and MFR, whichever deals make the most sense for cashflow and/or the BRRRR method.

@Joseph Kalina : Those neighborhoods are all possibilities, but definitely make sure to have a good real estate agent and/or PM to let you know details about an area. For example, I grew up in Colerain Township, and it has some great neighborhoods, but also some less desirable for investing. Norwood has the potential to really appreciate, but it also has some problem areas.

Also, I've been happy with my PM (EquityTeam), and recommend them.