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In the spirit of sharing our collective knowledge and resources with fellow BP members, I've created the beginnings of a contractor/service provider resource list for investors in northeast Oklahoma -- sort of an open-source Angie's List for local investors.  The following link opens a Google Docs spreadsheet with 3 separate tabs for contractors, agents/wholesalers, and lenders/closing/insurance companies.  Please add your own recommendations to this list to help others find reliable contractors and service providers.  In an effort to maintain the integrity of this list and prevent spamming, all recommendations must include your name.  Please do not overwrite any existing recommendations that others have made, but feel free to add a comment if you have an alternate opinion.

NE Oklahoma REI Resources

This is just a first-effort rough draft, so if you have suggestions for an alternate format, please comment below and we'll let the community decide.  Hopefully this will become a useful resource for us all -- feel free to tag others who might be interested.

Happy investing!

This is such a great idea! I don't have any solid Tulsa connections, but if I come across anyone I will definitely add them. 

Originally posted by @Scott England :

@Jeff O'Neal this is a great idea.  I've added some contacts in to the mix, too.  

Also, I've made some minor formatting changes, if you don't mind, just to keep things organized as it grows.  

 Looks good Scott - the formatting changes will definitely help with future usability.

I’d add that if you’re in NE OKLA look into Kla-Mart for some of your Rental rehab needs.  They have windows, doors, siding, shingles, tile, hardware, tools etc at very low wholesale prices.  People travel from all around to buy stuff from them and they are opening up a new store in Muskogee, OK  in 2 days.  Know the owner very well and because of the store he has, he has over 50 rentals in the Pryor area.  Great local ownership  who’s always accessible and has helped me early on.  You can find them on FaceBook.

Thanks everyone for your contributions so far -- the resource list is really starting to take shape!  Please keep the recommendations coming and share the link with other BP members who might be willing to contribute.

Originally posted by @Vi K.:

Just wondering if we could add a tab for the people that we want to stay away from as well. 

Vi - Sorry for the slow reply (haven't been receiving forum notifications lately).  Thanks for your suggestion -- I've added a tab named "Avoid" to the spreadsheet.

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Just what I was looking for.   Just had offers accepted on my first 2 properties.....I’m so nervous....but so ready to start this journey.   Thanks for sharing.  

Congrats on getting started on your REI journey -- best of luck!

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This is a great list.  I don't see anyone listed who installs tile.  Does anyone have a recommendation.  Thanks.

The contact I listed under the "Handyman and General Contracting" section does tile work (SemperFi).  I'm sure the other recommendations in that section are capable of tile work as well.  Mill Creek also does tile installation (see Flooring and Tile section).